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Making the Most of SWE Resources: HOT TOPIC

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Regional and national SWE has many resources that are available to you as a member of the society. Sometimes, though, it might be hard to find the help that you’re looking for. Here’s a few pointers to help you utilize all that is available. First, try to connect with the professional section nearest to you. They are usually very excited to help collegiates with different activities like finding internships and setting up mentors. Other regional resources include the CLCC and the RCR. The CLCC, or Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee, travel around the region educating sections on all things SWE, which includes membership and leadership modules. The RCRs are available to act as a liaison between local and national SWE. Check out the Regional Collegiate Team tab to find the contact information for the people holding these positions in Region E.

Some online resources exist as well. You can become a member of various swe communities. They allow you to chat and collaborate with SWE members across the country. The online career center allows you to search for jobs and post your resume. You can also attend online webinars on various topics, including professional development and leadership.

As a collegiate, SWE can also be a monetary resource, as it has a certain grants available for programs you might run. Every year, emails go out about how to apply for different grants. SWE can also help individually, as it provides a large sum of money to SWE collegiate members in scholarships each year.

As always, you can email with any questions you might have.

These are just a few of the ways regional and national SWE can help your local section. If you have any other resources, please post them.



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