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Volunteers Still Needed for National Conference!

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Registration for this year’s conference is already ahead of previous years and growing.  We will definitely set a new record.  With some additions and changes to the conference schedule, there are volunteer positions for several activities still open for next week’s conference.

Some specific openings include:

Wed a.m. room monitors for CES classes
Wed p.m. tour guides
Wed p.m. ice cream social arrangement helpers
Thurs tour guides and room monitors
Fri p.m. room monitors
Fri p.m. awards banquet arrangement helpers
Sat p.m. room monitors

If you have a few hours and would like to help make this years conference the biggest and best ever, please contact Mary Calomeris at <>  as soon as possible.

Those volunteering for 5 or more hours are eligible for 1/2 off the basic conference registration fee.  If you have not already registered for the conference, a code to use will be provided.  Those already registered will also be given a code and HQ will work with you on reimbursement.

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