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National Involvement: HOT TOPIC

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National Involvement

There are so many ways to get involved in SWE on a regional and national level! To participate on the regional level, you can be a part of the region collegiate team (RCT).  While the governor and lieutenant governor positions aren’t open to students, the other positions are open to collegiates:

Collegiate Interest Rep (CIR): Represents the region’s collegiate interests to the Collegiate Interest Committee (CIC) and works on strategic collegiate issues

Regional Collegiate Membership Chair (RCMC): Focuses on collegiate membership retention and growth within the region

Collegiate Leadership Coaching Team (CLCC): Provides Leadership Coaching to collegiate SWE sections

Region Collegiate Representative (RCR): Represents the sections within the region and  acts as a resource to the section presidents

Region Collegiate Newsletter Editor (RCNE): Maintains the Regional Collegiate blog

Visit the RCT page and feel free to email us with any questions about these positions!

A post will be coming out soon about the election process for RCR and RCNE.

To participate on the national level, you can be a part of a committee. To see all the committees you can be apart of, go to the SWE website, click on About SWE> Leadership> Committees.

The call for committee members and chairs go out in April on SWE Communities. If you go to the “SWE Main” community, the Call for National Committee Chairs and National Committee Members is under News. Although the call doesn’t go out until April, if you feel like you want to start working now, contact the committee chair on the SWE Leadership page listed above and see if they still need help.

Feel free to add to this post!


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