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Rewarding and De-stressing your Members

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Making sure to reward members is a very important responsibility for an executive board. As with any organization, members have to know how valuable they are. Because it’s the end of the semester, take a little time to recognize the members of your section:

Have a party – If you have funds available, have a dinner for the end of the semester. Just having the time open for members to chat and eat together is a great way for members to end the term. If you don’t have funds, organize a trip to a restaurant or an ice cream parlor and have everyone pay their own way.

Send thank you notes – For presidents, if someone has really worked hard at SWE this semester, send them a note (either in person or via email) and let them know you appreciate their effort this semester

Have a fun meeting to help de-stress your members: Although you may be used to planning career development or more formal events, members always enjoy fun events. It could be something simple like a movie night or board game competitions to something more structured like a ballroom dancing lesson or a makeover night.

This is just a start! If you have any other suggestions, please reply to this post so all other region E members can benefit!

Have a great break!



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