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Hot Topic – Making the Most of Region Conference

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Making the Most of Region Conference

The SWE Region E Conference is an exciting spring event! I went last year and had a great time because it was a great chance to bond with my section and other region E members. If you can get away from school to go to the conference in Ithaca this year, I’d definitely recommend it! While each conference is unique, I’m going to go over the conference basics:

Socials – I really enjoy the conference socials. These events provide not only some great food, but also a chance to network with other members in the region.

Workshop Sessions – From general engineering topics to SWE specific topics, these sessions provide interesting and pertinent information to SWE members.

Regional Meetings – These meetings go over formal SWE business with the sections. It will tell you important information, like how to nominate a SWEFL and members for awards. It’ll also inform you of important events, like the 2009 National Conference. It’s important to come to these meetings!

Career Fair – Are you a graduating senior looking for a job? Do you want to find a summer internship? Well, you should check out the career fair at conference. Be sure to bring some resumes and a professional outfit for this event, even if you are a freshman member. It’s never to early to get experience!

Please see the Conference post for registration details. Also, I invite everyone to comment on what you love the most about regional conference!


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