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Hot Topic – Getting People Out when it’s Cold Out

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Getting People Out When It’s Cold Out

When it’s cold and snowing or icing or raining, you might find a decreased amount of participation among your members. To try to encourage your members to come to meetings, try some of these ideas:

-Serve warm things: plan an informal study break and serve your favorite foods for cold weather: coffee, tea, soup, hot chocolate to bring everyone together to chat

-Get everyone outside: even though it’s still a little chilly, get your members moving by playing a pickup basketball game or participating in some community service. It’s especially important to help out food banks and soup kitchens during this economic time.

-Plan exciting meetings: poll your members for some things they’d like to do this semester, and try to plan a fun event for them.

-Get everyone involved: identify some future leaders in your group and give them either a meeting or event to be in charge of. Get people thinking about what positions they want to run for in FY10.

As always, feel free to comment and contribute your ideas!


One thought on “Hot Topic – Getting People Out when it’s Cold Out

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