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Hot Topic – Preparing Future Leaders

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Preparing Future Leaders

Encouraging new members to take on leadership roles in an important part of succession planning for your SWE section. Not only is it good for the section, but it helps encourage the growth of your members and prepares them for the future. Here are some ideas and suggestions:

Put together a mentoring program for younger members: Whether it’s setting up an informal gathering or a networking dinner, it’s very beneficial to help freshman adjust to college life and offer them support in an engineering culture

Hold leadership seminars: This might be good to do by getting your own speakers or calling on the collegiate leadership coaching committee to do a module for you. If you are interested, contact Amanda Kristoff at

Give future leaders a chance to shine: Recruit them to be on committees or plan an event. You can pair them with an older member to give them some pointers. Encourage your younger members to run for leadership members.

As always, feel free to suggest other tips below!



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