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Hot Topic – Preparing for the End of the SWE Year

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Preparing for the End of the SWE Year

The school year is coming to a close… this means that SWE is ending until the fall! I’m going to list some suggestions and things to remember to do for the end of the SWE year. Feel free to comment on the list and add things to it.

Throw a party – Depending on your membership size and funding, throw an end of the year banquet or plan a SWE outing. It’s important to ensure that your members remember why they joined SWE and why they should be in it next year. Also, it is a great way to relieve stress before finals.

Renew with SWE – Remind your members that they have to renew their national membership. I just received my renewal letter today. Go over the benefits of SWE national membership and the new collegiate to career program.

Give Recognition – It’s always important to recognize your members’ contribution to your section. If you are a leader in the section, a private email or public recognition at your final event is nice to let a great member know they are recognized. If you are new to SWE, maybe you want to send a thank you to that member who has been a great mentor to you.

SWEFLs – Nominate SWE future leaders from your section:

SWE National Awards – Section awards are due July 1st. More information can be found at under Awards. Also, don’t forget to fill out the outstanding collegiate section awards packet, which is at the same part of the website.

File Annual/Financial Reports – This is important for section presidents.

Transition – Make sure that the new members of the executive board of your section are properly informed about their positions. It’s helpful to pass on key information about any projects or programs they will be working on.

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