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Hot Topic – Attracting and Retaining Membership

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It’s never too early to begin planning for upcoming elections in the spring!  The challenge is always how to motivate students to join SWE, and encourage exisiting members to apply for positions.  We have to work together to promote SWE, and really showcase all of its value.  Potential members and current members alike should know more about the richness of our history:  we’re celebrating 60 years of promoting women in engineering!!!  This is an exciting time, and we want everyone to know about this wonderful society.

ADVERTISE!  Have a booth at your college’s club fair, print posters to place around campus, send emails to incoming students, give presentations in engineering classes, hold social events to promote your section and SWE!  There are so many ways to get news about SWE out there, so get creative!  Explain how SWE is more like a family you become a part of, seeing the same faces year after year at conferences and SWE events.  Tell also how involvement in SWE opens doors for incredible opportunities through career fairs and networking with professionals from all areas of engineering.  Most importantly, lead by example.  It is so much more effective when you are excited and passionate about what you want others to join.

So let’s show some SWE-spirit and spread the word!


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