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Hello, Ladies!


We hope your semester has been going well and that you’re enjoying the winter-ish weather! With the holidays and finals quickly approaching, we know things can get quite hectic…but don’t panic — the end of the semester and winter break is near!


We had the pleasure of meeting many of you at Annual Conference in Long Beach. The Region E attendence was fantastic and we were really impressed with your involvement. Celebrate SWE and our SWE version of “Part of this World” from the Little Mermaid was a major highlight of the weekend. We even received the “Hankie Award” for the most touching skit! So great job ladies! 🙂


We know the National Conference was too far away for many of you to attend, so be sure to save the date for this year’s Region E conference. The conference is from March 19-21st at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. You’ll be hearing more details in the months to come, but keep it in the back of your mind!


Several Important Things:

1) If your section has not been receiving any information from us, it’s because we have not been provided with any current contact information for your section. Please email us at as soon as possible, as this may become an issue with your sections’ charter later in the year.


2) Bylaws: All of the bylaws templates and procedural documents can be found Forms/Documents. These should, theoretically, explain everything and answer all of your questions, but if you’re confused about something, or need clarification, please do not hesitate to email! 🙂


3) Tax Status and EINs: By the end of this calendar year we need to have the status of every collegiate section in the region. (Covered under your school, set and ready to go, no clue what I’m talking about…etc) By the end of this academic year every school will have everything set and should file their FY09 E-Postcard with the IRS(late) so everything is easy when it really matters next November!


4) SWE Counselors: Every collegiate section is required to have a SWE counselor, which is a professional SWE member that advises the SWE section. Although the we’re currently coordinating with the professional sections to find each of you a SWE counselor (if you don’t already have one), we would be extremely grateful if you all could also help us look. A really good source for SWE counselors is your college’s recent graduates… like past SWE presidents, EBoard members, or general body members. Most SWE alumni decide to become SWE professional members upon graduation. So please reach out to your section’s alumni and ask them if they’re interested in being a SWE counselor for your section. If you’re concern is that they don’t live in your region anymore, you needn’t fear — your SWE counselor doesn’t have to live in your region to be your counselor.


Something to think about:

1) Elections: Elections for the RCR, RCCE and Senator positions for FY10 will be in early 2010! Start thinking about who in your section may make a good leader, or if you would be interested in a position for next year. We’re going to hold mini info sessions and send more information out as the time comes closer, but you may want to start thinking about that now. If you have any questions now, feel free to email us with any questions.



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