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FY11 Collegiate Reps – Vote now!

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Instructions on Voting

It’s that time of year again!  It is time to vote for the FY11 region collegiate leaders including new Region Collegiate Representatives (RCR), Region Collegiate Communications Editors (RCCE) and Region Collegiate Senators (RCS).  This year all voting will be done electronically and voting is limited to one vote per collegiate section in good standing.

Below is a word document containing biographies for the candidates in your region for all three positions.  Additionally, the link to cast your vote is below. Only the section president (or designee) can place the vote, but be sure to review all candidates with your section before placing that vote.  Once you have submitted your vote, you will be unable to go back and change it, so also be prepared to vote for all open positions at once.


Region A Region F
Region B Region G
Region C Region H
Region D Region I
Region E Region J

Each region will elect 1-2 RCRs (dependent upon membership), 1 RCCE and 1 RCS.  If there is more than one RCS candidate, the person with the most votes will win RCS and the person with the second highest votes will be elected as Alternate RCS automatically.
Based on membership, the RCR breakdown is below.

1 RCR:  Regions A, F, G, I and J

2 RCRs: Region B, C, D, E and H

Remember that each section is only allowed to vote once, so please review the biographies with your section and then submit one vote on behalf of the entire section.  Please note that as section president, you are the only member of your section receiving this e-mail.

For the Voting Submission Form click here to cast your vote
(or copy/paste the URL:

The online voting will be open for one month, ending on Wednesday, March 31st (12:00 p.m. central time), so be sure to cast your votes before then.  Winners will be announced Monday, April 5th.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the following SWE leaders.

Jennifer Vallero Wendy Jenkins
RCR/RCCE Coordinator                     RCR/RCCE Coordinator Elect

Bernice Brody Helen Patricia
Speaker of the Senate                    Deputy Speaker of the Senate

Alyse Stofer Elizabeth Hurley
Director of Regions                         Deputy Director of Regions

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