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SWE’s FY11 Goals: We need your help collegiates!

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Hello ladies of Region E!  I’d like to kick off the first post of the new fiscal year with an announcement from our FY11 collegiate board representative, Rachel Stedman:

I wanted to highlight a few of the Society’s FY11 goals for you to keep in mind when you are planning your SWE activities for the coming semesters.

  • Exceed 20,900 members: Do you have a friend who is not sure whether or not she should join SWE? Don’t be afraid to talk about the benefits of being a member and encourage them to join. If every SWE member brings just one more person into the organization, we will not only meet this goal – we will exceed it!
  • Host one outreach activity per section: Share the excitement of engineering with girls in grades K-12. This semester, a few Olin students will mentor girls who are taking AP Computer Science as an independent study. If you need activity ideas, visit SWE’s outreach website [link to:]. Also, there is possible funding available for you to run your activities! One of the Society’s goals this year is to increase the Program Development Grants that are awarded – from $40,000 to $100,000.

Finally, I would like to mention that SWE is striving to offer 20 webinars by the end of FY11. A minimum of two webinars will be targeted exclusively for undergraduate collegiate members and one targeted exclusively for graduate members. I attended my first webinar this August and realized what an opportunity they are! Keep an eye out for upcoming webinars [link to:] so you don’t miss out.

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