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Hot Topic – Societal Involvement Outside of Your SWE Section

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With school, work, and everything else that demands our time (like involvement in SWE!), it can be difficult to imagine doing even more.  But consider stretching yourself a bit beyond what you may have currently been exposed to.  SWE is an excellent society with so much to offer professionally, academically and even socially.  Look for opportunities beyond just you school’s section.  When there is a call for election later this year and early January, run for a position!

I became RCCE (formerly RCNE) almost immediately after become a national SWE member, simply because I applied for the position.  Not only do you learn so much more about SWE, but leadership in general.  Plus, you meet so many interesting, driven and inspiring young women.  I still keep in contact with people I met during my first collegiate leadership forum after elected as RCCE.

You never know what opportunities await, so get involved in SWE!  I promise you won’t regret it.


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