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Back to School, Back to SWE

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Right about this time of year, our collegiate members should be getting back into the swing of the normal college routine. After a (most likely not) relaxing summer, we’re all picking up where we left off in our classes, jobs, research positions, internships, campus social lives, and extracurricular activities. I wanted to remind everyone that this change in routine is an awesome time to get pumped about SWE! Here are three things you can do to get yourself and your chapter energized for the new year.

  1. Plan a new STEM outreach activity. I’m sure most of your chapters are actively involved in STEM outreach, but those of you that aren’t should really consider it. Here’s a list of cool ways to teach engineering to kids: A lot of STEM activities involve volunteering with young, impressionable children, and brainwashing/guiding them to make the best choice they’ll ever make in their lives – the choice to become an engineer.
  2. Register for national conference! The deadline for collegiate early bird registration is September 16th, so register as soon as possible for the most discounted rate. And if you’re a small chapter and you are unable to raise funds to attend national conference this year, don’t fret, as there will be an awesome regional conference at Columbia University this spring, which will hopefully be in road tripping distance from most of us.
  3. Arrange for CLCC coaching! This is an awesome resource for everyone, especially smaller, newer, or struggling chapters. Trained SWE mentors will give you loads of advice, and even visit your campus, to help fortify your chapter and boost up your SWE credibility. Check out more info here:

The beginning of the academic year is the awesome time to get motivated in all aspects of your life, including SWE. What are you doing to get pumped for the coming year? Share your tips in the comments section!




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