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Hey Region E!

Hope everyone is doing well! We are hoping all of our sections being impacted by Hurricane Sandy are doing alright. If you’re holed up in your apartment, why not brainstorm some great ideas for SWE Social events? We’ve decided to highlight some great social ideas from different sections in our region. Enjoy!!

E082 – Stevens Institute of Technology’s Fondue Night

Every semester Stevens SWE hosts fondue night which is open to all Stevens Students.  The event has become very popular since the first fondue night in our Fall 2011 semester.  Students come out for a evening full of delicious treats that can be dipped into pots of warm chocolate and cheese.  After the popularity of the first Fondue night, the event is now planned for every semester.  SWE members provide and serves food for students to enjoy.  The event is an opportunity for students to come out to a great social event and also for SWE to get its name out on campus and recruit possible members.


E063 – Johns Hopkins University’s Ice Cream Social

The Johns Hopkins University SWE section hosts our annual Ice Cream social at the beginning of every fall semester. It comes soon after the University’s student activities fair, and it lets our newly recruited members meet our executive board and our older members. We get Cold Stone for everyone and it is a great chance to have casual conversation about life in engineering at Hopkins and all the opportunities SWE has to offer on campus and beyond! 


It seems to me that social events involving delicious/novel food are nearly always successful! Budgeting can be challenging, especially for more gourmet foods or processes, but I think these ladies can attest that it’s well worth it :).

E054 – Columbia University’s Slumber Party

One of our main priorities is building a strong community amongst female engineers at Columbia. In order to do this, we host a number of membership events, the biggest one being the slumber party we have each semester. We invite all of our general body to join the board for several hours in a campus lounge where we snack and play board games. We usually keep everyone together at first to play ice breakers and mingle. Then we break up into smaller groups based on major to encourage more personal conversations.


All amazing ideas for social events! We are so impressed with all that you sections do!! Please don’t hesitate to email us ( and if you have any questions about planning social events, or if you want more information on the ones highlighted above.


Melissa, Nicole, and Jessica


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