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Drexel SWE: TechGirlz and Comcast Collaboration



On Saturday, July 13, Drexel Society of Women Engineers hosted fifteen girls from local Philadelphia schools for a podcasting workshop in collaboration with TechGirlz and Comcast. The event was a success in that many girls reported having no interest in STEM prior to that day, but left asking about future workshops and STEM opportunities.

The workshop was led by Sherita Ceasar, Vice President of Engineering at Comcast and the first African American President of National SWE. Other leaders at the workshop included Amie Ryno, a University Relations manager at Comcast; Kiely Hall, a technical recruiter for the NETO intern program at Comcast; and eight Drexel SWE officers and members.

The 5th to 8th grade girls learned the full process of making a podcast using Audacity recording software. They brainstormed ideas and learned to work together to write good scripts for broadcast. The girls then learned how to make edits to their recording by cutting out unwanted material and adding music to their podcast. Once complete, their work was shared and saved for the girls to take home and further explore their new skill.

Some of the girls already knew how to program and want to learn more, requesting information on Java, C++, and HTML. We hope to be the resource to help them to continue to grow and develop these skills. Drexel SWE looks forward to doing more outreach events with Comcast and Techgirlz!

See more pictures from the exciting, interactive event below:





— Samantha Schneider, Secretary, Drexel SWE

2 thoughts on “Drexel SWE: TechGirlz and Comcast Collaboration

  1. I love to see these women in Engineering who are doing wonders and playing their equal part in technology development and advancement.

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