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November Hot Topic: Fundraising

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Fundraising is a hot topic no matter what time of year. If you’re just starting out, there are three key questions that you need to ask:
  1. What are the goals of your fundraiser? What is your cause (e.g. raising general funds, attending a conference, throwing an event, donating to charity) and how much are you aiming to raise?
  2. What is your budget in order to host the fundraiser?
  3. Are there any rules/regulations in place by your university/company that require your compliance? 

Need some ideas? Look no further:

  • Program Development Grants (PDGs): PDGs are offered by SWE to help your section with an event; check these resources out to see if your event could qualify.
  • Corporate sponsorship: Leveraging companies who support women in technology is an excellent opportunity to receive funding and build relationships with various firms. You can design a corporate sponsorship packet with different levels explaining the details of the arrangement. For example, a company could fund refreshments for a general body meeting and briefly speak during the meeting or sponsor apparel as long as its logo appears somewhere on the gear. Many sections also host a corporate dinner, which is a great way to bring multiple companies together to give students exposure to potential career paths.
  • Food fundraising: A number of different restaurants/chains offer fundraising promotions, such as Krispy Kreme. Do good while eating good (or rather, eating well).
  • SWE-themed gear: T-shirts? Tote bags? Padfolios? Fancy magnetic name tags? The sky’s the limit and can promote not only the SWE name, but also have practical applications.

Always remember that every idea is a good idea! Even if you don’t implement the initial concept, it could spark discussion and pave the way for a great fundraising event.

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