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December Hot Topic: Member Recognition


Pat-on-the-back apparatus. (Patent pending.)

Recognizing your members and officers is an excellent way to have them retain membership and motivate them to participate in more SWE-related events. See below for some ideas:

  • Host casual social meetings for your members. Example events include an ice cream social, movie night, or arts and crafts session.
  • Treat your board members to an end-of-semester or end-of-year party/spa outing/potluck to celebrate all the great work your team did in running your college’s section.
  • Initiate a points system: Region C has a great guide on how to get started.
  • Give a small gift to show your appreciation. This can range from a thank you note to a SWE-themed token.
  • Assign officers to particularly active members as unofficial “mentors” to encourage them to apply for board positions. They can host coffee chats or email them regularly to keep them in the loop and show them why being more involved with SWE is such an amazing experience.
  • In your section’s email newsletters, include a “Member of the Week/Month” section to recognize particularly active members. You can do a brief interview to show others why the spotlight member is so dedicated to SWE and the great things that come of being part of the organization.

2 thoughts on “December Hot Topic: Member Recognition

  1. When I was Relay for Life Captain I gave out awards for everyone who did something at the event. For example I gave one member the “Crazy Sidekick” award for helping me carry a table with all the stuff on it to my dorm. And the Ice award for the member who brought the ice.

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