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January Hot Topic: Recruitment

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It’s the beginning of a new semester and you’re pumped to launch your section’s initiatives for the next few months! One caveat: you need people to attend the events. Here are some tips to recruit new members and keep your current members engaged:

  1. Know your value proposition: What makes SWE a unique organization? Why are you involved? What has SWE done for you? What are the membership benefits? How is SWE different from other engineering societies? If you can nail down the selling point of SWE and promote accordingly, new members will come flocking.
  2. Advertise: While this is a no-brainer, it is critical to keeping your SWE section relevant in the minds of people at your school. Along with the usual listserv emails/Facebook events/posters/flyers, share your SWE story with a classroom or at another club meeting. Blast SWE news through an email from department chairs or director of student life. Have members wear SWE-decorated t-shirts to promote your group. Think about what would make you excited to learn more about an organization and partake in its activities.
  3. Host a welcome back event: A social event at the beginning of the quarter/semester will get members pumped about your activities for the rest of the term. It will also give them an opportunity to meet-and-greet with other members–new and returning–and potentially build fast friendships and connections.
  4. Bring a friend: Encourage current members to bring at least one friend (the more, the merrier) to the next meeting or event so they can demonstrate their excitement for your club and share the experience with friends.
  5. Recognize new members: Spotlight new members in a newsletter email or at a club meeting. Make them feel welcome by introducing them to the group so others know who they are and encourage your officers to make them feel comfortable.
  6. Invite members to attend SWE Region and Annual Conferences: This is a phenomenal way to show your section that SWE has a network that expands beyond the college level and spans the globe. From a career fair to workshops to social gatherings, SWE conferences feature days jam-packed with activities. They are by far some of the best events I’ve attended during my entire college career. Region E’s conference happens March 28-30 this year (find more information and register here!), so be sure to promote that to your section.

Region B shared a great link featuring “100 Ways to Recruit New Members” if you’re looking for even more ways to engage your student body.

Comment below on how your section recruits members!

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