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Vote for FY15 Collegiate Leaders

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Please cast your section’s vote for FY15 collegiate leaders. This is the first election where collegiate section presidents will be electing a collegiate director to serve on the board of directors. Presidents will also cast votes for FY15 Region Collegiate Representatives (RCR), Region Collegiate Communication Editors (RCCE) and Region Collegiate Senators (RCS). Voting is done electronically and voting is limited to one vote per collegiate section in good standing.

The deadline is March 31 at noon central time. The ballot is located here; only collegiate section presidents may vote.

FY15 Candidate Information for Collegiate Director

The collegiate director will serve on the SWE board of directors for FY15. The director’s responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Serves as a liaison to collegiate leaders including RCRs
  • Contributes collegiate knowledge and interests during BOD meetings
  • Assists RCRs in their duties
  • Assists committee chairs with collegiate on committee selection process – due diligence & review quarterly reports to ensure collegiate recruiting on committees
  • Any other duties assigned by the President, the BOD, or Society governing documents

Christina Bechard, Tennessee Tech University Section (Region D), Candidate for Collegiate Director


The Society of Women Engineers is an organization of over 25,000 members, 14,000 of whom are collegiate members. The Society depends on these collegiates to help move the Society forward and become the leaders of tomorrow. Each collegiate member has a story of why she/he is part of this organization; each one has ideas on how she/he can advance our Society. The Collegiate Director gives those members an avenue to allow their voices to be heard.

One of my primary focuses as Collegiate Director will be to open up communication lines across all collegiate sections to promote collaboration and best practice sharing. Given my experiences as former president of a small section, that I helped to grow into a medium-sized section, and as a Region Collegiate Representative (RCR), I have learned that there can not be a one-size-fits-all approach when helping our collegiate organizations grow and become successful, but through shared dialog and best practice sharing, the lesson learned by one group can greatly aid others in their own pursuits. I have led Best Practice sharing sessions at Region Conference for the past 3 years with each participant walking away with new ideas that could be implemented within their own section. For example, pre-stuffed “SWE informational” folders to hand out to freshmen during the first week of school that include SWE basics, section president welcome letter, and a schedule of events, can be put together for minimal cost, but can have a big impact on new member recruitment.

Ensuring that collegiate sections feel connected to the larger SWE organization is another goal of mine. During my tenure as RCR I worked with collegiate sections to find counselors, understand their bylaws, and in general become better connected to the larger SWE. Through this experience, I found that professional members very willing to help the collegiate succeed. Since many collegiates struggle with bylaws issues, I became involved with the Bylaws Committee to investigate ways to streamline the bylaws approval process and will continue to work on this challenge during my term as Collegiate Director.

Lastly, sharing our successes and achievements is very important and I want to expand the ways that we highlight the amazing things our collegiate members do. I will create a blog to regularly highlight different aspects of our collegiate members and sections including events from all section sizes.

Nicole Woon, University of Pennsylvania Section (Region E), Candidate for Collegiate Director


SWE holds a place close to my heart and I am excited for the opportunity to increase my involvement as Collegiate Director. I am eager to forge strategic initiatives benefiting the entire Society while maintaining a strong voice for collegiates on the Board of Directors. I hope to share members’ inspirational stories and incorporate your perspectives into new goals that grow SWE in strength and numbers. 

My Region E responsibilities as FY13 Region Collegiate Representative and current FY14 Region Collegiate Communications Editor enabled me to lead 58 collegiate sections, the largest number of sections of any SWE region. I work with collegiates virtually and in-person to cultivate an inclusive, best-practice-sharing environment and curate region- and Society-aligned articles that broaden our readers’ knowledge. The Region E Collegiate Team made great strides during my terms, including increasing blog readership by 50% and creating a Collegiate Welcome Packet to give collegiate presidents the tools to better lead their sections.

I am currently President of the University of Pennsylvania section, dedicated to hosting optimal programming for 500+ collegiates and promoting SWE globally. I also held roles as Vice President of Development spearheading professional excellence activities, Activities and Communications Co-Chair launching social gatherings and our 100+-participant yearlong mentoring program, and Educational Outreach Committee Member volunteering at K-12 workshops.

As Collegiate Director, I am enthusiastic to impact the following:

  • Mentoring/training: Mentoring is an ongoing process presenting growth opportunities and challenging learning experiences for mentors and mentees. I look forward to supporting the evolution of current mentoring programs within each region and Society-wide. Additionally, I am interested in developing the SWE leadership pipeline (e.g., SWEFL Program, region collegiate leaders). New engineers can benefit greatly from the invaluable knowledge that long-time SWE members hold.
  • Collegiate-to-professional transition: As my peers enter new jobs, move to new places, and meet new people, I would like to streamline their shift and bring greater attention to SWE’s resources (e.g., CLCC module, mentoring programs).
  • Globalization: Our connected, intertwined community of women engineers makes it easy to touch people worldwide. I want to play a role pioneering global expansion and supporting the growing number of international collegiate sections.

I would bring energy, grit, and drive to this role, as well as an open ear to collegiates to ensure your voices can be heard. By leveraging my experiences and collaborating with others, I look forward to contributing to SWE’s long-term success.

FY15 Candidate Information for RCR, RCCE, and RCS

Katherine Fetscher (E089, University of Virginia)

Katherine Fetscher

Hello all! My name is Katherine Fetscher, and I would love to be Region E’s Region Collegiate Representative this upcoming year! I am currently a 3rd year student at the University of Virginia majoring in Systems Engineering with a minor in Engineering Business. Throughout my time in college, I have been very active in our SWE section. My first year, I served on the service committee, volunteering at our high school outreach events and helping plan our girl scout science night. After that, I served on our executive board as Publicity Chair, publicizing all our events internally and helping other executive positions as needed. Currently, I am our Public Relations chair. In this position, I manage our internal mentorship program and our corporate relationships, including professional development events, sponsorship, and speaking with companies who want to hire SWE members. Through all these roles and many other interactions within SWE, I have come to see how valuable our organization is in the development of not just female engineers, but of future leaders in many industries. Within SWE, I have found great friendships, inspiring mentors, priceless college and career advice, and a network of incredible people I can count on long after college ends. In the hope of fostering these experiences for future female engineers, I would love to represent Region E’s collegiate interests to our region leaders. Through the leadership roles I have held in SWE and other organizations in college, I have developed the strong leadership and organizational skills that are necessary to be successful in planning and facilitating constrictive collegiate meetings at annual conferences and keeping in contact with section presidents throughout the year. Each collegiate section in Region E has areas in which they strongly excel and best practices that can be used to improve other sections. I think RCR is a perfect role to facilitate this exchange of ideas that would make our region stronger as a whole.

Thank you for taking the time to read my statement and good luck to everyone running for region positions!

Claudia Guiterrez (E058, Drexel University)

Claudia Guiterrez

My name is Claudia Gutierrez and I am in the fourth year of a five year B.S./M.S. program in biomedical engineering at Drexel University. During my freshmen year in a male dominated engineering discipline I experienced, first hand, the perception that women could not be both intelligent and charismatic. I wanted to change this.

The Drexel SWE Chapter was virtually non-existent my freshmen year. I felt a sense of reasonability to this organization as I knew that SWE could have a powerful impact on our campus as its mission is to stimulate women to reach their full potential as engineers and leaders. I took this as a leadership opportunity. Since then, I have served as a conference chair, vice president, and president. During my presidency I restructured our chapter to clearly define goals that enriched our organizational identity. Managing twenty officers, I developed an outreach program, established a freshmen mentorship program, and created a speaker series that featured female engineers from academia and industry. I also fostered collaborations with several Drexel departments, such as the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Fellowship Office. This past year, our Drexel chapter was recognized as First Place Outstanding Collegiate Section of Region E and received a Gold Award for Outstanding National Collegiate Section. More recently, our chapter submitted a bid to host the 2015 Region E conference.

I have also held several influential positions outside of SWE. I founded and served as president of the Drexel Salsa Dance club for two years and taught introductory salsa lessons. I have also worked as a teaching assistant for the freshmen engineering design curriculum and calculus courses.

I believe that my extensive involvement within SWE and passion for working with collegiate students in many different environments has made me an exceptional candidate for the position of Regional Collegiate Representative. As a previous president of a successful collegiate chapter I would be equipped to enhance Region E’s relationship with collegiate sections by working with section presidents to clearly define their yearly goals. As the year progresses I would learn the challenges they face and, guided by my previous leadership experience, I would be prepared to help them overcome those challenges. As RCR I would work with Region E to provide the infrastructure they need to facilitate their success.

Susan Greenberg (E076, University of Pennsylvania)

Susan Greenberg

My name is Susan Greenberg and I am a junior studying Networked and Social Systems
Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. I have been on my section’s board since my freshman year and I have served as the Freshman Liaison, Activities and Communications Co-Chair, and, most recently, Vice-President of Internal Affairs. SWE has been a very important part of my undergraduate life and I would love the chance to experience SWE on the national scale. Getting relevant information out to a large group of people in a way that they will want to read is a very important part of maintaining any large organization. Social media has created a great forum to get information to lots of people at the same time and the role of RCCE does just that. It makes sure members from all over the region remain connected. I run the official Facebook group for my major and it is amazing to see how useful it is to spread information. As my major suggests, we look in depth at social networks and social media and I would love the opportunity to use what I have learned in my classes to help spread information about SWE and Region E. In addition to my positions on my section’s board I hold a number of other leadership positions. I am currently the president of the Beta Epsilon chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon professional engineering sorority. I also sit on the student advisory board of Penn’s Advancing Women in Engineering group. I am also an Orientation Peer Advisor Fellow, which entails overseeing other peer advisors and helping incoming freshman. SWE has beeen one of the most important organizations in my undergraduate career and I would love to give back to it on a national scale.

Masroor Khan (E068, New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Masroor Khan

My name is Masroor Khan and I am a senior majoring in Civil Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology. At NJIT, I am currently the Section President and served as Webmaster the previous year. I would like to run for the position of Region Collegiate Senator (RCS). Because of SWE, I have been able to get the most out of my college experience. I was first introduced to SWE during my freshmen year of college and have been involved since by attending regional and national conference and eventually holding executive board positions. SWE has allowed me to develop professionally and I have learned a great amount about my future career path as a future female engineer, which my classes do not teach. SWE is an organization that I plan to be involved with beyond college; I’d like to give back to the organization and help female students pursuing an education in STEM, just like how SWE helped me. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing two different types of officer positions with SWE at my section; first as Webmaster and now as President. As President, I oversee the full SWE operation that goes on at NJIT and represent the section. I work alongside with the officers to implement new events/programs and goals for our section. We have been able to successfully tackle many of our goals during my presidency by setting goals which has allowed us to strengthen our section. As RCS, I would have the opportunity to work alongside with other Senators to develop goals for SWE nationally, similarly to what I do as President. As a leader in SWE, I want to see the organization move forward; a position as RCS would be the best position by allowing me to get involved nationally, thus making a larger impact to the organization. As President, I have taken all of my SWE responsibilities seriously and by being both organized and methodical, I have been able to lead the seven members of the SWE Executive Board successfully. As RCS, I would apply my leadership qualities mentioned earlier to this position. As a current leader at my section, I hope to be involved with SWE at a Regional and/or National level. I’d like to take my SWE leadership to the next level and contribute positively as much as I can for the benefit of this wonderful society.

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