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Welcome to FY15 in SWE Region E!

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Our region collegiate officers are excited to welcome you to the start of the year and hope things are going well for all of you!  Here are our FY15 collegiate officers:

Region Collegiate Representatives (RCR): Claudia Guiterrez (Drexel University) & Katherine Fetscher (University of Virginia)

Region Collegiate Senator (RCS): Masroor Khan (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE): Vacant – Call for Nominations & Elections are forthcoming

Our Region Collegiate Team is led by our RCRs, RCS, RCCE and Region E Lt. Governor with the help of our CLCC, SWEFLs, Graduate Student Representative and Region Governor.

Region E Governor: Alexis McKittrick (BWS Section)

Region E Lt. Governor: Libby Taylor (DelMar Peninsula Section)

Collegiate Leadership Coaches: Claire Dvorak, Sarvenaz Laussermair, Melissa Mastro, Jayne Peterson & Cathleen Saunders

SWEFL: Vini Mehta (New Jersey Institute of Technology) & Danielle Schroeder (Drexel University & Interim RCCE)

Graduate Student Representative: Smruti Ragunath (New Jersey Institute of Technology & FY14 SWEFL)

Section Contact Information:

If you are a section president and aren’t receiving emails from the section, it probably means your Leadership Report was not updated with SWE HQ.  Send a note to as well as so we can ensure your section is getting up-to-date communications from the region & society!


Section Reports:

Our first collegiate section report is due on Wednesday, October 1.  All collegiate sections presidents should have received an email from either Claudia or Katherine with this template and instructions.  If you haven’t, please send an email to


Piloting our SWEet Summits:

For those of you that attended our collegiate business meeting at VT last year, you may remember us bringing up smaller leadership summits for our collegiate summits.  We know these summits will help encourage collaboration & networking within our collegiate summits and are excited to see how our first two come to fruition this fall!  Pending the success of the 3 pilots, we hope to execute these in all 7 of our SWEets in FY16.

This year we will be piloting 3 summits in the region –University of Maryland – Baltimore County for our DelMarsey SWEet, University of Virginia for our Virginia SWEet and New Jersey Institute of Technology.  Leadership at each of these schools, with the help of the RCT, are working hard to plan and execute these summits!


CLCC blog:

You may not have heard about it, but there is a CLCC blog.  It has a list of the modules as well as contact information.  Check it out and pass the word on to your sections!



Electronic deposit:

SWE HQ offers electronic deposit that can simplify and expedite the rebate process.  Please help share the information below and encourage collegiate sections to sign up with SWE HQ.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Headquarters Office has been moving from manual checks to electronic fund transfers (ACH or direct deposit).  This distribution system not only is more efficient, but eliminates delays due to mailings and or lost checks.  The check amount is deposited directly into your section’s checking account within a couple of days of an approved check request.

Contact Briana Aviles ( for details on how to set this up for your section!

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