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October Hot Topic: Annual Conference

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WE14 is approaching!

Next week, 5000+ members of SWE are heading to LA to meet for our annual society conference!  Registration closes this Friday, October 17, although we hope those of you attending have already registered!

Our Region Collegiate Business Meeting & Joint Professional Business Meetings will be on Thursday, October 23 from 1:45 to 3:45 PM (PST) at the LA Convention Center (LACC, 506).  If you’re in town by Thursday afternoon- plan on attending our business meetings!

WE14 App

Download the WE14 App in the itunes / android stores – it includes the full conference schedule, opportunities for feedback & sharing on social media & more!

Region Boutique at WE14

Region E will once again be selling amazing SWE merchandise at society conference to benefit our scholarship program.  Marge does a fantastic job getting everything ordered and to the conference, but we need volunteers to staff the table.  If you have some time to spare on Thursday or Friday, please let Marge know (

Photos for Region Slideshow

Thanks to the sections that have sent me photos, but I have only received a few so far (original e-mail below). We really need a lot of pictures of our amazing sections and MALs to make our slideshow a success.  Please send the photos to by Friday, October 17!

WE14 Photo Scavenger Hunt Photos:

  1. Higher Learning: An official sign clearly showing the name of an institution of higher education (university, college, or trade school)
  2. Inspiring the Future:  Showcase an outreach event introducing 5-18 year old girls to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers.
  3. Day in the Life: Professional engineers and scientists at work. Interesting props/equipment highly encouraged.
  4. Working Together: Photo from a joint professional-collegiate event.
  5. Mascot: Photo with a school, region, section, sports team or company mascot.
  6. Sight-seeing: Take a photo with a historical landmark. The landmark should be prominent, and please also tell us what it is. (Does not have to be from the last year)
  7. Celebrate our Success: Recognize a signature event or accomplishment from your organization. Accomplishment should have a historical context, such as a section anniversary celebration, a chartering banquet for a new section, a 5thannual golf tournament, etc.
  8. Diversity and Inclusion: Photo that highlights diversity (gender diversity, ethnic diversity, etc.).
  9. Looking Good: Show us what the successful business woman should be or will be wearing at the Career Fair. Does not have to be taken at the Career Fair, but may be,
  10. Getting there is half the fun: Photo of members traveling to WE14/ICWES16.
  11. Leadership: Take a photo with a past or current SWE or INWES Board of Directors Member.
  12. New friends from around the world: Photo with people who live at least 2000 miles from one another. Include a map with home locations indicated.
  13. I love LA!: Include a photo that shows how you will remember your visit to Los Angeles and WE14.
  14. Holiday spirit: Photo of your favorite costume at the I-scream social on Wednesday, October 22, 2014.
  15. WE14 Wild Card photo: TBD. Photo requirement will be distributed at RG meeting on Wednesday.

WE14 Photo Scavenger Hunt Rules:
All photos must be taken since WE13 (November 2013 or later) unless otherwise noted.
·         All photos must include at least one member of your organization.
·         All the photos can not be provided by the same subgroup (SWE section, for example). Multiple sections or groups must be evident in the slide show.
·         Have fun!



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