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Region E Conference, RCT & Grad Opportunities

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Are you ready for the Region E Conference? Are you interested in learning more about how to get involved with SWE on a regional level? Read on!
Region E Conference: Our Region Conference will be held February 20-22, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA!  From the registration numbers, it looks like a lot of you have already signed up to go, but there is still time for those who haven’t.  Registration closes Friday, February 6th – Register at
SWE Boutique at Conference (Sign up by February 6)
The SWE Boutique is back at Region Conference!  You can sell SWE gear and anything else that benefits your section or serves SWE’s mission.  There is no charge for a table, but advanced sign-up is required.  To sign-up, fill out this survey:

Region E Awards (Submissions Due by February 1, 2015): Nominations are open for the 2015 Region E Awards! More information (and the nomination packet) can be found on our website:

Section Report #2 (Collegiate due by February 1, Section/MAL due by February 10): Please remember to have the Report #1 and Report #2 tabs completed and ready for submission to your RCR for Collegiates and Governor for Section/MAL.

Region E Collegiate Officer Nominations (Due by February 1): If you are interested in one of the collegiate region positions listed below, please complete the nomination form by February 1, 2015 (Region E Collegiate FY16 Election Nominations Survey).  This form must be completed before a candidate will be considered.
The basic duties of each position are listed below.  Additional questions about eligibility, duties of office, or the process the nominating committee follows can be directed to the nominating committee chair.  
Duties of the collegiate positions include, but are not limited to: attend training provided by the Society and their region, typically a combination of webinars, a region leadership meeting, and specific events at Society Conference; Serve on the Region Collegiate Team and maintain consistent contact with Region Leadership (particularly the Lieutenant Governor; Attend Society Conference, Region Conference, and the Region Leadership Summit)
  • Region Collegiate Representatives (RCR): Serve as the collegiate voice on the Region Council; Attend face-to-face Region Council meeting at Region Conference and monthly Region Council teleconferences; Facilitate Region Collegiate Meetings; Provide input to region blog
  • Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE): Communicate to the region members via the region blog and other social media; Maintain the region blog; Attend Society Conference and Region Conference; Serve as alternate for the Region Collegiate Representatives
  • Region Collegiate Senator (RCS): Serve as the collegiate voice for the region on the Society Senate; Attend two face-to-face Senate meetings (including at Society Conference) and monthly teleconferences; Provide input to Region Collegiate Meetings; Provide input to region blog
Region E Mentoring Program (Due by February 15): The open registration period for the 2015 Region E mentoring program has begun for both the council and section presidents. As a reminder, the primary focus of this program is to facilitate networking relationships for those who are interested in taking on a leadership role within SWE. We encourage you all to share this with your executive boards or any other members who are interested in taking on new or different leadership role within SWE.  The deadline for submitting an application is SundayFebruary 15th. Sign up here!

Graduate Opportunities

In addition to the collegiate and professional sections, of which graduate students may already be involved, the Society of Women Engineers has recently instituted a community just for Graduate Students! Visit the SWE Graduate Community Blog and Facebook group for more information.

Graduate Rapid Fire Session (due January 25)

We are now accepting abstracts for “Graduate Rapid Fire Session” to be held at 2015 Region E Conference. To participate, submit your abstracts through this link ( For details contact Smruti Ragunath (

New Leadership Opportunity for Grads: Graduate Programming Coordinator-elect (due January 31)

The Graduate Leadership Team, which includes the Graduate Member Coordinator, the Graduate Programming Coordinator, their Coordinator-Elects, the Webinar Coordinator, and the Regional Conference Coordinator, is looking for a Graduate Programming Coordinator-elect for WE15 (Nashville, TN – October 22-24, 2015) who will then become the Graduate Programming Coordinator for WE16 (Philadelphia, PA – October 27-29, 2016)!

Graduate Programming Coordinator-elect: Works with a dedicated team of graduate students and professional SWE members to create a diverse track of sessions for current graduate students, and those considering enrollment in graduate school, for the annual SWE conference. The GPC-elect assists the GPC, in preparation for the following annual conference.

The application can be downloaded at and is due by January 31, 2015. Applicants will be notified the first week of February to schedule a telephone interview with members of the graduate community leadership and the BOD member. After completing all the interviews you will be notified of the decision.  If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Gregory.


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