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Getting Involved with SWE

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Within Your SWE Section

Make the most of being a SWE member by becoming a SWE leader.  Whether it’s planning on taking a role within your own section whether that may be Committee Lead, Treasurer, President, take advantage of it!  Elections for FY16 are coming up soon for every section so if you haven’t taken an active role in your section yet, take note.  Start shadowing one of the executive board members to learn more about what it takes to be a SWE leader.  Join committees and get involved!

Outside Your SWE Section – Region & Society

More than just getting involved within your own section, SWE has leaders both in the region and as a society.  Though the application periods for RCT and Region E Governance has passed, there are still opportunities for you to get involved.  On a society level, they are currently looking for FY16 Committee Chairs who will need many committee members such as yourself in committees such as Leadership Coaching, SWE Future Leaders, Outreach, and more!  Keep posted with updates on more information to come.

Read more about Getting Involved Outside Your SWE Section, an excerpt from the Collegiate Welcome Packet.

Get involved with SWE!


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