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February Hot Topic: RCT Elections

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“What is the RCT?”, one might ask.  They are your Region Collegiate Team here to support the collegiate sections of our regions.  Region E is proud to be home to the most collegiate sections of any region within SWE!  As we are getting closer to the close of another fiscal year, elections for FY16 are beginning and the nominations are in.  You may have seen their faces briefly at the Region E Conference but here they are again as well as what each position entails.

Stay tuned for updates on how and when to vote in your e-mail for the next RCT some time in March!

Region Collegiate Representative (RCR)

  • Main point of contact for collegiate sections
  • Represent the collegiate voice to the Region leaders
  • Work with the RCT to enhance the Region E collegiate experience

Brittany Wun, Cornell University, 2016

Katherine Miller, University of Pennsylvania, 2016

Region Collegiate Senator (RCS)

  • Serves as collegiate voice for region on the Society level
  • Helps set the direction of the society by working with 2 Professional Senators
  • Works with RCR and RCCE’s to keep the collegiate section’s informed of Society SWE news

Kimberly Lam
Kimberly Lam, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 2016

Regional Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE)

  • Maintains Region Collegiate Blog by working with the RCT
  • Works with Collegiate Sections to get 2 postings/articles a year from each section
  • Work with the RCT to enhance the Region E collegiate experience

Danielle Schroeder, Drexel University

Maissoun Ksara, Drexel University

Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee (CLCC)

  • Coaches our SWE Leadership to maximize the potential of all of our sections.
  • Serves as a resource for you and your collegiate section.  You can have a CLCC coach come to your section to present a leadership training module.  Some modules are geared specifically towards officers, while others could be used with an entire section, and they can be modified to suit your section’s specific needs.

RCT Graduate Representative

  • Member of Region E Graduate community appointed to provide a graduate voice on our Region E RCT
  • Gauges engagement of graduate members in Region E and seeks opportunities to engage them through RCT Goals
  • We are seeking a successor for Smruti for FY16

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