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Region E SWEet Summit

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It’s been a successful year with the pilot SWEet Leadership Summits!  The Region appreciates UMBC, UVA, and NJIT for hosting their first SWEet summits and leading them to their success.  The application to host for FY16 SWEets is available now until May 8th – read more about what has been done in the past summits from this year to see if this is something you would like to do for next year!
Questions? E-mail your RCRs, RCCE, or Lt. Gov.

UMBC (September 2014) – from Shelby Coppolino (UMBC Section President)

Our summit started off strong when we asked everyone one simple question: What do you do like a girl?  Just as with the Always initiative, the results were great.  We CODE like a girl.  We LEAD like a girl.  We STRIVE like a girl.  And we are proud.  The attendees loved the opportunity to rethink what it means to do something like a girl and be proud that they too do something #LikeAGirl!

Dr. Maria Sanchez visited us for lunch.  While everyone expected to have the speaker just give a speech, she instead allowed us to talk.  This really got the conversation flowing for talking about our best practices.  Learning from other chapters was extremely helpful and brought forth a lot of inspiration!  Plus, attendees got to bring out their competitive side in short engineering “challenges”, like building the longest cantilever beam out of blocks, making a penny boat, and racing balloon hovercrafts!

Overall the summit was a success!  Everyone enjoyed networking with our peers and we look forward to being a part of another summit next year! Check our more of our pictures here!


NJIT (March 2015) – from Kimberly Lam (NJIT Section President)

Our summit took place during the Spring semester and after the Region E Conference in Philadelphia.  Many of the attendees are fresh to the Region activities and some were newly elected leaders to their section, allowing us to bridge the transition.  We started our summit with a speed networking with all of the attendees as well as a circle discussion on why we joined SWE.  This was followed by the informative Region discussion led by Libby Taylor and Alexis McKittrick, our FY15 Region Lt. Governor and Governor respectively.

Dr. Katia Passerini, Dean of the Albert Dorman Honors College at NJIT, shared with us her perspective on what it means to be a part of the Society of Women Engineers and inspiring all of us to make the most of our potential as women in our field.  Melissa Mastro of the CLCC taught us some great concepts with the Building Teams and Effective Personal Communications modules while also making it very interactive for all of us!

Overall, the summit was a great way for all of us to meet up and share some great ideas for all of us.  Did you know that Stevens hosts a Fondue Night?  Did you know that NYIT Old Westbury 3D prints logos for their outreach?  We all learned from each other and hope to continue the collaboration going forward!  Check out more pictures from our summit here!



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