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Region E Leadership Summit 2016: Recap!

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The Region E Leadership Summit took place this past weekend on September 17-18 in the Downtown WIlmington DoubleTree Hotel, Wilmington, DE. The weekend started off with introductions and an icebreaker, and then delved deeper into Region E FY17 goals and events, breakout sessions, senate updates, society governance updates, as well as Region E financial planning. A total of 13 profession sections plus the Region Collegiate Team were present at the Summit for a weekend filled with networking opportunities, leadership modules, and planning for the future.

Libby Taylor, Region E Governor, discussed Region E strategic goals for FY17 and key points in Professional Excellence, Advocacy, and Globalization that will be met throughout the fiscal year. Further region operations were discussed including the society governance changes. For more information, visit

The senate overview was given by the Region E senators, Gail Dyer and Heather Bernardin, and Region Collegiate Senator, Madelyn Langin, who overviewed FY16 senate accomplishments and challenges. Goals were set up moving forward for ways of improvement and duties to fulfill.

The breakout sessions involved the Region Council session for Section/MAL reporting, the Section Presidents session for section goals & vitality reports, the Treasurers session for SWE financial reporting requirements, and finally the Region Collegiate Team session for events planning and goals in FY17.

The Summit finished off with discussions on Outreach and SWENext programs, best practice sharing, and closing thoughts. Overall, the Region E Leadership Summit was a very successful, energetic weekend filled with valuable dialogue!


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