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The Region Collegiate Team is composed of four collegiate and four professional members who collaborate on a regional level to make ideas come to reality. The team meets monthly to discuss items on a collegiate level and what can be done to help them out. With that being said, who is behind the Region Collegiate Team this year?

Kristen Poole, Region Collegiate Representative (RCR)

My name is Kristen Poole, I am a senior Civil Engineering Major at Villanova University, originally from Pittsburgh, PA. My role is Region Collegiate Representative, and I act as a liaison between the collegiate sections and the region/society level. I also help plan region collegiate events like SWEet Summits. What I love about SWE is all the opportunities to meet inspiring female engineers. Outside of classes and SWE, I am a very active equestrian. I also enjoy hiking and reading if I ever get a spare moment.
Mona Patel, Region Collegiate Representative (RCR)
My name is Mona Patel and I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. I’m currently studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in Biology and Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) . My focus is in the biotech industry and I hope to be leader of other female engineers one day! (Website-
I serve as the Region Collegiate Representative (RCR) for Region E. My job is to be the liaison for collegiate chapters within the Region E. I love the connections I have made being a SWE member. You meet so many people who are very talented! Outside of SWE, I used to Model in my free time but with school being my number one priority, I’ve had to switch over to naps! I consider napping as a hobby of mine.
Madelyn Langin, Region Collegiate Senator (RCS)
Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 11.28.28 PM.png

I am a junior Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Delaware. I am originally from Massachusetts. As the Region E Collegiate Senator, I am responsible for representing the interest of the region’s collegiate sections in the senate. I work with both professional senators and fellow collegiate senators throughout the year. As a group, the senate is responsible for creating amendments to the Society’s bylaws and voting on them. With the many changes happening at the Society level, it is safe to say that this has been a busy year so far for the senate. We meet as a group twice a year, once at the National Conference and again over the winter. At this past National Conference we voted on several motions, including a change to the qualifications of candidates for the position of collegiate director. 

I love that my connection to SWE has allowed me to meet such incredible people. At the section level, our membership is quite small but I’ve been a part of the eboard since my freshmen year and I’ve loved every minute of it. SWE has given me the confidence to pursue leadership experiences I never would have gone for in the past. The opportunities in the RCT and Senate have allowed me to grow as a leader and meet amazing fellow SWE members.

Maissoun Ksara, Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE)


My name is Maissoun Ksara and I am a junior at Drexel University working towards a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. I am originally from Casablanca, Morocco, and have moved to Philadelphia to start my college career at Drexel! In the RCT, I am the Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE). I am responsible for communicating SWE events and best practices through the Region blog and other social media networks. I love going to SWE conferences, both regional and society level, and getting to meet all kinds of incredible women! Networking is definitely one of my favorite parts about SWE because I believe that everyone has valuable advice and experiences to share. Outside of SWE, I love traveling to different countries and exploring what our beautiful world has to offer. I play a lot of sports (beach volleyball is my favorite) and love trying out different cuisines!

Stephanie Tu, SWE Future Leader (SWEFL)

Stephanie Tu.JPG

My name is Stephanie Tu and I’m from Somerset, New Jersey. I am a sophomore at Rutgers University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. At Rutgers, I am heavily involved with our SWE chapter and serve as the treasurer.

In the Region E RCT, I serve as one of the two SWE Future Leaders (SWEFLs). Through this role, I am able to work on a lot of projects for the region. I was able to help with making a database of active SWE collegiate chapters in the region. I am also able to give feedback on what collegiate sections want to see at events like SWEet Summits and Regional Conference.

I really enjoy being involved with SWE because it is such a great support network to be a part of. It has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people, from members at my collegiate chapter, to SWE members at the regional and national conferences. I look forward to meeting many more people in the future through SWE. When I’m not working on anything for SWE, I like to play tennis and run.

Brittany Reed, SWE Future Leader (SWEFL)


My name is Brittany Reed. I was born and raised in Albany, NY and am currently a junior in Syracuse University’s bioengineering program.I am one of the two SWEFL’s in the region. I attend monthly conference calls with other SWEFL’s around the nation and use what I learn to develop my collegiate section. I love the extensive support network and community! During my free time, I like to dance ballet along with scoping out quaint coffee shops.

Amanda Weissman, Lieutenant Governor

My name is Amanda Weissman and I am the Region E Lieutenant Governor. I am also the Product Manager in Customer Experience at Comcast in Philadelphia, PA. I am a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Materials Science in Engineering. Additionally, I am a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with an MS in Systems Engineering. As part of the RCT, I work with all members of the RCT to plan and achieve their goals. I love all the inspiring and amazing women I meet in SWE! For fun, I am a hobbyist genealogist, aspiring astrophotographer, and am currently learning taekwondo along with spending time with my husband and toddler.

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