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Drexel SWE: Science After Hours at The Franklin Institute

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Over the past few months, Drexel SWE has been involved with a special evening events series with The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. This series is reserved for adults 21+ and features some awesome experiments, including games and demonstrations through a collaborative effort between the Institute and organizations in the city.

Each evening showcases a different experiment or topic, and participants are able to enjoy live performances, a cash bar, and some pretty cool hands-on spaces. Needless to say, the Science After Hours are extremely fun and engaging!

Drexel SWE has volunteered at several of these events, which are the Treasure Hunt on July 12th, Don’t Try this at Home on August 9th, Wizard School on September 20th (which was SOLD OUT!), and the Prime Time Crime event on November 15th.

Below are several event descriptions that summarize what happened at these events:

The theme, Don’t Try This At Home,  was a smashing success! We had a blast seeing what liquid nitrogen would do to different objects.

The outcomes:
– The raquetballs became glasslike and attendees got to smash them on the floor!
– The balloon animals shrunk when dipped in the liquid nitrogen, but did go back to normal once they were taken out and warmed back up to room temperature.
– And finally, the bananas dipped in liquid nitrogen became strong enough to be used as hammers to nail nails into a board.


For the Wizard School event on September 20th, both Temple SWE and Drexel SWE had a mystical night volunteering at the sold out Science After Hours! Temple SWE joined and gave a helping hand throughout the event, which was much appreciated. Throughout the packed magic-themed night, volunteers taught surface tension and interference with a dry ice crystal ball and rainbow nail polish transfigurations. Our 18 volunteers enjoyed popping smokey bubbles and making art using clear nail polish with the many attendees!
IMG_3631 3.JPG
IMG_8039 2.JPG
IMG_0541 2.JPG
 Finally, on November 15th, Drexel SWE had a great time volunteering at the Franklin In
stitute for November’s Science After Hours: Prime Time Crime. Volunteers taught participants how to pick a lock and the various mechanisms that allow a lock to function and keep people safe. Even though one of our lock picking kits broke, our 10 volunteers still had an awesome time picking locks!
Science After Hours Prime Time Crime.jpg
Prime Time Crime.jpg
For more information on the Franklin Institute’s Science After Hours event series, click here. You can reach Drexel SWE by emailing them at!

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