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Approaching Deadlines: Nominate a FY18 SWEFL & Vote for FY18 Collegiate Leaders

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Nominate a FY18 SWEFL

Nominations for the FY’18 SWE Future Leader (SWEFL) Program are now open and can be completed HERE! The deadline to nominate a collegiate member is Friday, March 31, 2017.

The eligibility criteria for nominees includes:

  • Must have at least two years left of a current degree program (i.e. freshmen and sophomores for undergraduates or 1st/2nd year graduate students going for a doctorate)
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0
  • Should be active collegiate members of the Society
  • Must have a current SWE membership and be in good standing

Collegiates who have been previously selected as SWEFLs are not eligible to be nominated. The nominee should not be on study abroad during her term as a SWEFL, so that she may be an active participant in her regional team.

SWEFLs will be given the opportunity to expand their leadership skills and SWE knowledge throughout the year via professional development opportunities, mentoring relationships and acceptance into the Collegiate Leadership Institute (CLI) at the WE17 Annual Conference. At the conference, SWEFLs will join other collegiate leadership in professional development workshops and networking opportunities.

Nominators should have an established relationship with the nominee that permits detailed insight into the nominee’s leadership potential and interest in the Society. The nominator cannot be the nominee herself. Nominators are not required to be members of SWE, but should have some knowledge of the Society to understand the value of the program and the Society’s goals. Examples of past nominators include professors, counselors and SWE section presidents.

The nominee will receive a request for follow up information after the nomination form is complete and submitted. Please make sure the nominee’s contact information is correct and monitored. We look forward to receiving your nominations.

Vote for FY18 Collegiate Leaders

The deadline is quickly approaching to vote for FY18 Collegiate Leaders. Voting is done electronically and limited to one vote per collegiate section in good standing. The deadline to elect the following positions is March 31 at noon central time:

  • Collegiate Director
  • Collegiate Senator (RCS)
  • Region Collegiate Representatives (RCR)
  • Region Collegiate Communication Editor (RCCE)

Please review the collegiate director candidate statements and videos for both Ingrid Arambula and Ruth Williams. Each Region Nominating Committee sets its process for selecting FY18 RCR, RCCE, and RCS candidates. Please refer to the Collegiate Elections Overview for key responsibilities of each role. Then review the documents below containing candidate statements and photos for each RCR, RCCE, and RCS candidate for our Region E.

Remember that each section is only allowed to vote once, so please review the candidate statements with your section and then submit one vote on behalf of the entire section. Please note that only section presidents have received an email with the link to vote. Election results will be announced by April 15.


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