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Welcome FY18 Leaders!

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Congratulations and welcome to all FY18 Leaders and members! We are excited to kick off another SWE Fiscal Year and pleased to announce our Region Officers, Committee Chairs and Collegiate Leadership Team:

Amanda Weissman, Governor
Cassandra Zook, Lt. Governor
Cathleen Saunders, Secretary
Susan Best, Treasurer

Gail Dyer & Alexis Wasserman, Professional Senators
Susan Best & Sandra Hyland, Bylaws
Beth Mellott, Nominating
Andrea Stenberg, Society Nominating Comm Rep
Sue Parsons, LCC Region Leader

Dhanu Thiyagarajan, Collegiate Senator
Madelyn Langin & Maissoun Ksara, Region Collegiate Representatives
Emily Ng, Collegiate Communications Editor
Emily Bautista, Sophia Blanc & Kristine Loh, SWE Future Leaders

Please feel free to reach out to members of this team for any questions or concerns you may have via email. In addition, be sure to utilize these resources from to get started on the upcoming year:

  • Not sure where to start in your section or career? Check out the resources available online HERE where you will find free podcasts, diversity & inclusion resources and the career center!
  • Interested in becoming a member and joining the SWE community? Collegiate membership starts at just $20/year and offers various opportunities in webinars, scholarships and development. Graduate and professional memberships are also available! Find out more by clicking HERE!
  • Learn more about Region E and the different collegiate and professional sections by clicking HERE. Get involved with your local section!

Again, welcome to FY18 and have a great start to the year!


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