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SWE Region E Leadership Summit Recap

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On September 23-24, 2017 SWE leaders from around Region E gathered in Allentown, PA for the annual Leadership Summit. Saturday morning began with an ice breaker activity where attendees played a Bingo-style game and the boxes were marked were engineering and SWE related characteristics (mechanical engineer, SWE lifetime member, section president, etc.). An overview of SWE’s Operations and Leadership were presented by Amanda Weissman, the Region Governor, before splitting into breakout groups. Section Presidents, Treasurers, Representatives and the Region Collegiate Team gathered separately to discuss matters specific to their roles before rejoining for lunch.

The afternoon included a series of updates from the Senate and Governance. Society Secretary and former Region E Governor (FY15), Alexis McKittrick, highlighted this year’s theme of “Always Connecting, Always Engineering” and discussed SWE’s strategic goals. Some information presented by our Region Senators, Gail Dyer, Alexis Wasserman and Dhanu Thiyagarajan, are summarized below:

  • There is a motion for senate to vote at WE17 for all collegiate members to become voting members of SWE. This means that we will now have a say regarding SWE elections and our leaders. This will come into effect immediately, so you may be voting as soon as this spring. More information will be conveyed from headquarters [HQ] about the election candidates and process as it approaches if the motion is passed through senate.
  • Regions will be dissolved at the end of this fiscal year. This means you will no longer have region collegiate representatives, senators or governors. Your section president’s main form of communication with SWE will be HQ and the leadership coaching committee [LCC]. Your day to day communication will not be changed and will remain with your specific collegiate section. There are still adjustments being made to this process, but more detailed information will be sent out later in the year with specific changes of HQ vs. LCC taking over specific responsibilities to cover section support exactly the same, if not more than currently existing. You can already contact them for support at This will also change the leadership pipeline, since region leadership will not be a gateway that collegiate can use to become more involved with societal SWE. SWE’s nominating committee will take into account collegiate experience to ensure all voices are heard within each committee. More information will also be conveyed regarding further leadership opportunities within SWE as a senator, part of a committee, etc. This will allow you get involved with societal SWE in a more direct manner and learn about the organization past your specific section. Region conferences will no longer exist and will be replaced by WE Locals.
  • If interested, please check out more information about the governance changes at Please email Region E Collegiate Senator, Dhanu Thiyagarajan at for more information or questions.”

Sunday morning wrapped up the Summit with Outreach updates, a Financial Report and Policies update from the Region Treasurer, Susan Best, and a Leadership Coaching Committee (LCC) Module on Conflict Resolution, presented by Jayne Peterson and Cathleen Saunders.

Thank you to everyone who attended! We look forward to seeing everyone from the Region at WE17.


Group photo on Sunday



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