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LCC and Officer Transitions

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Last chance to register for WELocal Providence! Registration closes on Friday, April 13 – check out the official site for more information. There will be the final Region E meeting as well so don’t miss out!


As we begin to wind down on FY18, be sure to elect your new officers! Encourage members to consider running for a position to further develop their skills and SWE knowledge.

Here are some helpful tips to ease the transition to new officers:

  • Be sure to meet one-on-one with the exiting position holder and ask for any log ins, information pertaining to the position and advice. Ask for any insight on what you wish the previous position holder could have done better and be sure to fully understand the responsibilities!
  • Current position holders: Create a reference guide for how your position runs – include the basic expectations, timelines and any resources you may have used. Pass off any planning documents you utilized during your time.
  • Familiarize yourself with the section bylaws and ask any questions you may have to your president or faculty advisor.
  • Initiate bonding events with new position holders! Get to know each other before the year starts so you are more comfortable working with each other.
  • Have fun! SWE can provide so many opportunities for growth and development and by becoming a leader in your section, you can make a difference. Inspire those around you and mentor underclassmen whenever you can. Being a SWE leader is an extremely rewarding position.

Additionally, consider reaching out to the SWE Leadership Coaching Committee (LCC)! Every collegiate section has a designated LCC Coach to guide and support you through your section’s successes and challenges. Check out their blog and be sure to look through their 20+ modules – these modules can be very beneficial to new SWE leaders and members during officer transition. They are of no charge to your section!

For additional questions, reach out to the official Region E Team Lead, Sue Parsons, at


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