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SWE Branding: Are You Doing it Right?

SWE rebranded itself more than a year ago now with an awesome new purple logo. It’s important to ensure that, upon rebranding and implementing the new logo, the Society brand is being used correctly! We want to make sure that we are representing SWE the way that it should be. SWE has a pretty neat guideline on branding details which include branding principles, standards, color system, typography, imagery, and more. You can check it out here!


And now, here are some things to keep in mind when using the SWE logo.

  • The logomark (gear) makes one entity with the logotype. They should always be kept together
  • The logo can be used by itself, with the full name and tagline, or just with the full name
  • The logo cannot be combined with other logos and should be kept separate
  • The official SWE colors must be used
  • Personalized logos exist for every group within the Society and can be obtained by contacting HQ.

Again, please read more about the SWE Branding Guidelines here to make sure you are representing SWE  and all of its amazingness correctly! The PDF goes much more in depth about logo branding specifics. If you want to obtain a logo or letterhead/powerpoint templates, you can find them here.

We love this logo and are excited to use it correctly everywhere we can!



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Region E Leadership Summit 2016: Recap!

The Region E Leadership Summit took place this past weekend on September 17-18 in the Downtown WIlmington DoubleTree Hotel, Wilmington, DE. The weekend started off with introductions and an icebreaker, and then delved deeper into Region E FY17 goals and events, breakout sessions, senate updates, society governance updates, as well as Region E financial planning. A total of 13 profession sections plus the Region Collegiate Team were present at the Summit for a weekend filled with networking opportunities, leadership modules, and planning for the future.

Libby Taylor, Region E Governor, discussed Region E strategic goals for FY17 and key points in Professional Excellence, Advocacy, and Globalization that will be met throughout the fiscal year. Further region operations were discussed including the society governance changes. For more information, visit

The senate overview was given by the Region E senators, Gail Dyer and Heather Bernardin, and Region Collegiate Senator, Madelyn Langin, who overviewed FY16 senate accomplishments and challenges. Goals were set up moving forward for ways of improvement and duties to fulfill.

The breakout sessions involved the Region Council session for Section/MAL reporting, the Section Presidents session for section goals & vitality reports, the Treasurers session for SWE financial reporting requirements, and finally the Region Collegiate Team session for events planning and goals in FY17.

The Summit finished off with discussions on Outreach and SWENext programs, best practice sharing, and closing thoughts. Overall, the Region E Leadership Summit was a very successful, energetic weekend filled with valuable dialogue!

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2nd FemmeHacks Hackathon

Last year, the Drexel Society of Women Engineers helped organized the first all-women student hackathon in Philadelphia. A freshman software engineer, Andrea Baric(pictured on left), had the idea to host this event and asked Drexel SWE to help bring her idea to fruition. This past February, the 2nd FemmeHacks was held at the University of Pennsylvania.

In its second iteration, FemmeHacks gathered over 100 college and high school women which attracted hackers from across the country for this two-day event. Many tech companies have been working hard to support the diversification of tech, and some like Google and Facebook showed their support in sponsoring FemmeHacks and sending engineers to help mentor the hackers. In addition to plenty of time for teams to work on their app, various engaging workshops were hosted on Friday night to introduce beginners to new technologies.

FemmeHacks will be back at again in 2017.


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Region E May Updates

FY17 Region E Collegiate Election Results
The election results are in and we’d like to congratulate our FY17 Region E Collegiate Leaders:
Region Collegiate Representatives (RCR):
Mona Patel, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Kristen Poole, Villanova University
Region Collegiate Senator (RCS):
Madelyn Langin, University of Delaware
Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE):
Maissoun Ksara, Drexel University

Each section in good standing was allowed to cast one vote on behalf of their section. Collegiate section presidents worked with their membership to review the Region Collegiate Representative(s) (RCR), Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE), and Region Collegiate Senator (RCS) candidates and place the section’s votes.

Please welcome these collegiate leaders to their FY17 positions and support them in their endeavors.

Summer Internships available at Columbia Univ NSF Northeast Big Data Hub – Apps due May 1
The NSF-sponsored Northeast Big Data Hub would like to spread the word to potential applicants for a “Young Innovators Internship Program” and “Knowledge Exchange – Lecture Series and Visiting Scholar Exchange Program”  for engineering and science students, and host organizations.

The details for the internships and exchange programs are at this website:

Potential interns are encouraged to submit with potential host organizations. Intern-only or host-only submissions will be accepted for consideration, though the highest odds for funding would be for combined intern/host proposals.

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Graduate Community Newsletter

Hello Grad Community! In this newsletter: Leadership Coaching Committee looking for members Join a SWE Committee! Grad Community Spotlights Blog Basics: Grad Leadership Team (1) Leadership Coaching Community looking for members The Leadership Coaching Committee provides proactive leadership coaching to SWE organizational units, including sections, regions, and MALs. Trained Leadership Coaches provide Society leadership with […]

via Newsletter – 5 April 2016 — Society of Women Engineers – Graduate Community

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Call for Nominations for FY17 SWE Region E Positions

It is time to identify and nominate potential candidates for FY17 Region E Positions.  The deadline for collegiate officer nominations are due February 1, 2016.  The Region E nominating committee is charged with the responsibility for selecting at least one qualified candidates for each of the following positions for FY17:

Collegiate Officer Openings:

  • Collegiate Senator
  • Region Collegiate Representatives (2)
  • Region Collegiate Communications Editor

The nominating committee is responsible for ensuring that qualified candidates are placed on the ballot; however, identifying SWE’s future leaders is everyone’s responsibility.  Our Region has many members who are interested in leading us forward.  It is the responsibility of all of us to see that they are considered for the Region’s elected offices.  Self-nominations are permitted and encouraged. We look forward to receiving your recommendations.

If you are interested in one of the collegiate region positions listed above, please complete a candidate consent and eligibility form and nomination form by February 1, 2016.  This form must be completed before a candidate will be considered.

The basic duties of each position are listed below.  Additional questions about eligibility, duties of office, or the process the nominating committee follows can be directed to the nominating committee chair.  Duties of the collegiate positions include, but are not limited to:

All positions:

  • Attend training provided by the Society and their region, typically a combination of webinars, a region leadership meeting, and specific events at Society Conference.
  • Serve on the Region Collegiate Team and maintain consistent contact with Region Leadership (particularly the Lieutenant Governor)
  • Attend Society Conference, Region Conference, and the Region Leadership Summit

Region Collegiate Representatives (2):

  • Serve as the collegiate voice on the Region Council
  • Attend face-to-face Region Council meeting at Region Conference and monthly Region Council teleconferences
  • Facilitate Region Collegiate Meetings at WE16 & the FY17 Region E Conference
  • Provide input to region blog

Region Collegiate Communications Editor:

  • Communicate to the region members via the region blog and other social media
  • Maintain the region blog
  • Attend Society Conference and Region Conference
  • Serve as alternate for the Region Collegiate Representatives

Region Collegiate Senator:

  • Serve as the collegiate voice for the region on the Society Senate
  • Attend two face-to-face Senate meetings (including at Society Conference) and monthly teleconferences
  • Provide input to Region Collegiate Meetings
  • Provide input to region blog


Nomination & candidate consent forms along with details on each position can be found on the Region E website here: