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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: the Region E Blog will no longer be accessible to the public as of July 1, 2018. Regularly posted content and resources will be available on the SWE main website and blog, All Together. Questions can be directed to and/or


Hot Topics are meant to get the discussion started on important areas that could help improve your section with Society of Women Engineers. Look here for links to the latest hot topic posts! You can use the comments feature to discuss with other SWE members.


August – Welcome to FY16!!
September – Career Fair Tips
October – WE15 Annual Society Conference
November – How to Use Your Break Effectively
December – Fundraising Ideas and Program Development Grants
January 2016 – Scholarship Applications
February – RCT Elections
March – Society Section Awards
April – Leadership Coaching
May – Membership Renewal


October – Annual Conference
November – Outreach Programs
December – Utilizing Your Break
January – Applying for SWE Awards
February – RCT Elections


September 2012 – Back to School, Back to SWE
October 2012 – SWE Socials
November 2012 – Balancing your Break
December 2012 – Maintaining your SWE Momentum
January 2013 – Sell yourself in 30 Seconds
February 2013 – Tech Check
March 2013 – Avoiding Burnout
April 2013 – Work/Life Balance
May 2013 – Life Transitions


September – Attracting and Retaining Membership
October – Making the Most of SWE Resources
November – National Involvement
December – Rewarding Members/Destress Before Finals
January – Making the Most of Region Conference
February – Getting People Out When It’s Cold Out
March – Preparing Future Leaders
April – Preparing to End SWE Year
May – Planning for the Year Ahead


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